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Monday, March 29, 2010

Editin blog~~ To be updated~~ =)

P.s: And yeah, i'm alive and finally remembers my blog.. =)
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I feel like i'm a no lifer. I keep tellin ppl to get a life but end up, yeah, i need a life too. But what is life? Beats me. I just wanna enjoy myself, relax, and not stuck at home every time doing nothing or the boring school work home school work home system. Yucks. Feel such a loner. -.-

Went down to SWA the other day. How long has it been since i last stepped into the place? Haha. Played a game with Alvin, of course, needless to say, i lost. Damn. But ah. It suks. Is it a stupid thought of mine? He asks why not i just juggle school, work, Go at once? My reply was, if i were t o start Go, i would like to concentrate on it. If i were to play Go, i want and must be the best, or at least, one of the best. Shucks imagine the past me where i am able to play at least 17 games non stop a day. Now i can't spare much time. Ah.. ~~~..... x.X
Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes, as the title states, i am 20 years old as of yesterday, 11th July 2009. Gosh i feel so so old already. I'm no longer a teenager. =( *sobx*

And i mentioned i won't be celebrating, but went out to sorta celebrate with frens 2 days straight. ~.~

Together with my boyfriend, met up some classmates aka Santo, Joanne, Jasmine, Siti, Clara for Fisn and Co beside Park Mall @ Dhoby Ghaut. I thought it would juz gonna be a normal dinner but they actually prepared a cake for me~ Aww.. =) BUT~!!! Here comes the embarrassing part.. Zzz.. Fish and Co style, the birthday person (in this case me) will havta stand up on the chair and then the staff will shout out saying there's a birthday girl on da house blah blah then sing bday song.. VERY loudly and everyone were staring at me.. T_T *faints* I had to quickly sit down blushing after the song. >.<
At first i was kinda disappoint with the slow and inorganized service there but the bday thingy is a plus for FnC.. However, one thing is, that day happens to have 2 or 3 other birthday ppl as well so i think they kinda lack creativity for the bday thingy.. Haha.. They should have more ideas for different ppl.. Well, at least i'm the first to try out.. Haha..
After the dinner wenta Giraffe for relaxing cocktail session which Alvin and Andrew came to join us. The cocktail is so so, my friends say the alcohol isn't strong. Stayed there to chit chat and finally make our way home..

Finally getta eat my steamboat~!! Starring me, my dear, Kai Yun, Ting Zhou, Meng Hong, Dennis, Ming Shen.. But alota probs at the beginning. Firstly, when we get there, it was super full and me and another bunch of friends havta wait outside end up they set tables outside for us.. Woots~ But the second problem comes when i felt water. Yes, it started to drizzle and they evolved into huge rain.. All of us havta move in and squeeze to get into the shelter. Haha.. Funny, eh? But we still enjoyed the dinner though there can be more beef. @_@ Haha. I'm actually craving for the beef. Aww..
After dinner we proceed to White Bar @ Boat Quay, where Grace, Gary, and Wenhan joined us~~ My favourite part coz Mr. Seow Ting Zhou was down~!!! Wakakakakaka.. Total we had 3 bottles of Martell and surprisingly, nobody was drunk.. Aww.. =/ No fun.. Lolx~~

Altoa pics taken but haven't uplaod yet~~ =3
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

While working everyday is in a way more meaningful than rotting at home, it's not good missing all the funs. What fun? Dunno. Juz hang out etc. Haha. Imagine when i start school, morning wake up go school, evening work, night go home, morning wake up go school, evening work, night sleep, and it all goes the same cycle almost daily.

Getting 20 soon. What to do? Haha. Same boring day~ Not that into celebrating. Lol. Dunno. Still muz think what to do, where to go etc. So troublesome.

Stupid Wenbin flying soon. Bon Voyage. =)

Study study study. Few more hours to work. God bless.
Friday, June 19, 2009

Friendly staffs, time passes fast. Haha. Get to eat pizza almost everyday. @_@ *faints* Lolx. Workin hard to understand the menu~~ XD

Exams next week. =(( Jia youx~!!
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My current everyday life for these few days - Leaving house late afternoon to go to work, finish at 11 reached home around 12 odd. Bath etc and goes to sleep around 1 or odd. Sleeps for a few hours wake up early morning and study. Late afternoon prepare for work again and it goes on and on and on. What life. It's not that i dun like working. I don't know. It's kind of tiring.

I have a pig for a boyfriend so when he go to work, i'll be at home. When he finishes, i'm off to work. When i finish, he's off sleeping soundly. Ah. What life. =( Can't even talk to someone when i wanna.

And stupid Kong Wenbin no reply me~~ *prepares knives* Bon voyage whenever you are flying. =) dun forget to bring back souvenirs~!! Haha.
Monday, June 15, 2009

And so next week will be my exams.

22nd June 2009 - Marketing
26th June 2009 - ITT
29th June 2009 - Boring Econs
Few days later in July - Management

God Bless.

Soon it'll be July. Haha. So fast.